WWF: Envionmental Speech: A meeting place for nature

2019 –

In 2019, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) invited to the Environmental Speech for the first time. The environmental speech is ambitious and important, and summarizes the state of nature in Norway, and the rest of the world. Climate change and human influence are changing nature, and to take care of the planet we depend on global agreements. This is what World Wildlife Fund works with every day, all over the world. The participants should also experience this.

WWF wanted a different arrangement; one that was remembered – not a typical conference. Together we made a clear plan to get their story out.
It was a clear message, from a strong source. Together with powerful contributors and surprising content, this became a very important event for our future. Several important voices in politics and society were present, as well as business and cultural life: From The Royal Family came H.K.H. The Crown Prince, the politicians Bård Vegar Solhjell and Kjell Magne Bondevik were present, Penelope Lea from the Children’s Climate Panel, author Maja Lunde, as well as top managers such as Berit Svendsen (Vipps), Jan Christian Vestre (Vestre AS), Svein Richard Brandtzæg (Norsk Hydro) and Geir Ramnefjell (Dagbladet).

The Environmental Speech also delivered an exclusive sneak peek at WWF and BBC’s series, Our Planet, with nature’s own voice and champion; David Attenborough.

Here we created a completely new meeting place. Together with unfolding scenography, complex lighting and clear messages, we managed to convey an important story.

Medvind is very proud of both the production and the opportunity to develop this further with our client WWF. We are looking forward to the next Environmental Speech!