Events, conferences and events can be a major source of CO2 emissions. Transport and logistics, food service, production of scenic elements, printed matter and other articles, are sometimes a necessity, but often contribute to a negative footprint. At Medvind we continuously try to make events as eco-friendly and circular as possible.

In November 2022, Medvind became part of the Green Producers Club, which gives us and our customers access to tools mapping the environmental footprint of events.

The system was implemented in January 2023, and makes it easier to cooperate and pressure suppliers to reach the global goals – by taking climate action (nr 13) and implementing partnerships  for sustainable development (nr. 17).

Medvind Eventbyrå is Eco-Lighthouse certified. We take this seriously, by always discussing different choices and trying to find eco-friendly solutions. We are advisors for sustainable events, and have experience with choosing green solutions at every step of a production.

We are proud to have been nominated for the inspiration award for the environmental lighthouse of 2021.

Many of Medvind’s clients are contributors to the green shift. They electrify our society, and develop solutions for carbon capture. Some contribute to the sustainable management of nature, the resources in the sea or the rainforest, and ensure biological diversity. Others will gain momentum in the transition to a sustainable construction industry and a circular society.

Our clients represent both our climate commitment and our social responsibility.