About us

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Who are Medvind?

Medvind Eventbyrå consists of a committed and effective group of strategic advisors, content developers, producers and project managers in Oslo.

We are a knowledge-based company, with expertise in storytelling. Together we create and communicate content through staging of conferences, events, exhibitions, films and campaigns.

Medvind offers strategic advice and has an extensive network in Norwegian and international business, which provides value for our public and private clients. As a result, our newest clients are often businesses with clear societal missions in sustainability, climate and environment, research, business development and international cooperation.

Our mission is to create important meeting places and stories for and in collaboration with our clients, business and social life.

With us, you get a professional partner consisting of highly competent employees who can accomplish anything. You get access to the entire Medvind family, consisting of pleasant and committed project managers, producers, event makers and advisors, who are motivated to solve small and large challenges together with our clients.

Why Medvind?


Medvind Eventbyrå is one of Norway’s best event agencies, with prestigious clients and projects. We solve all needs and wishes regarding events, conferences and films. We provide services from start to finish, or parts of the process.

Our expertise is concept, content production, communication, participant management, design, directing, dramaturgy, scenography, travel and film. We tailor every project, create a common thread, and tell a story that matches the strategy and culture of each customer.

Medvind offer expertise in physical, digital and hybrid events – locally, nationally and globally. We have many regular customers, and some have used our services for over 20 years.

In Medvind Eventbyrå you will find a close-knit and professional group of people, filled with creative and solution-oriented skills. We have a long list of references and satisfied customers – which is our proof that you are guaranteed to be satisfied. Medvind has also won several awards for our work.

The topics we work on are varied, and we have several experiences from various professional fields: Sustainability, research, business, culture, organizational development, public sector, politics, the construction industry, electrification, forests and seas.

Medvind contributes to sustainable development. We develop important meeting places and experience-based communication for the public and private sector, so that people come together, share knowledge, see opportunities – and find solutions.

Our ambition is to be a small, efficient and useful part of the solution – to give a tailwind to our clients and their projects.

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What we offer

Medvind is a 360-degree agency that covers all phases regarding events and conferences.

We focus on different business areas.


Event & Conference

Medvind is a complete event and conference agency, who offer services and deliveries throughout the entire process of an event, or just the part you need help with.

We deliver physical, digital and hybrid events, locally, nationally and globally. We assist with everything from A to Z, for example program, artists, concept, food, technical and participant management.


Film, Streaming & TV

Medvind deliver professional film productions, streaming solutions and TV productions.

We offer solutions locally at your workplace, or other fitting locations. We also have our own in-house studio, here at Mølleparken 4, in Oslo.

The films can be productions, or as part of content for events and conferences. We also offer co-productions from various studios throughout Norway and the world.


Communication & Design

Events and conferences are communication arenas. We have an in-house design department, who work with graphic design, scenography and design for various events, films and broadcasts.

At Medvind we work with all forms of communication, including visual communication.


Concept & Content

One of the most important elements of a successful event is good concept development, content production and program development. Few event agencies possess this expertise.

Medvind is in the top league. We are experts in good ideas and creative solutions that represent your concept and brand. We create a common thread and tell your story in accordance with strategy and wishes.


Travel & Bookings

Medvind offers travel and hotel bookings. You can use us free of charge to find the right venue. For Medvind, it makes no difference if we produce an event in Oslo, Tromsø, Copenhagen or Cape Town.

Events often require travel for organizers and participants. Everything can be coordinated by Medvind.


Culture & Artist Booking

In order to create good and interesting content, cultural elements are important. This creates good experiences, dramaturgy in the program and inspire the audience.

Medvind takes responsibility for directing and staging, and can book any artist – both in and outside Norway. We also build our own cultural experiences where, together with the artists, we create unique, tailor-made cultural experiences.


PCO (Hotel, Registration & Participant Management)

Medvind offers several solutions within participant management with invitation, registration and enrolment. The participant journey is very important for a good overall experience. Medvind has a department with specialists to handle thousands of national and international guests. This is a complete PCO department (Professional Conference Organisers), with the ability and competence to manage important conventions and congresses.


Technicalities & Production

Medvind offers everything within technology and technical production. We design, manufacture and carry out everything from small to gigantic productions. Medvind supplies complete solutions in light, Audio, sound, stage, AV, camera and security.